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The Ruin of Jessie Cavendish




The Ruin of Jessie Cavendish

A highly moving story of two childhood friends who meet unexpectedly in adulthood. Marcia Ford, a prosperous career woman, drives under a bridge when her old friend, Jessie Cavendish, a professional musician, jumps to end her life. By extraordinary coincidence, the two women who had not met for many years, are united, Jessie, a former gypsy refugee from the 1956 Hungarian uprising, hears her roguish father and only relative being shot by a frontier guard. She is adopted by a staid and insensitive Presbyterian Scot, working on a refugee mission. She suffers a lonely and wretched childhood and is forced into a conservative public school, totally unsuited to her gypsy blood. The book examines her friendship with Marcia and describes their hilarious escapades with a mixture of tragedy and extraordinary humour.

"The reader has a burning urge to turn the page."


- International Continental Review

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