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Books by Eleanor Berry



O, Hitman, My Hitman!




O, Hitman, My Hitman!

In her multi-faceted book, Eleanor Berry describes the life of a feisty gypsy woman, raised in a filthy discarded railway carriage, before her escape to London. Her extraordinary adventures unravel themselves throughout the book, including her deeply moving conversion to Judaism. We are introduced to such characters as Goliath Baskerville, the circus dwarf, the saintly Dr Alan Wiseman, the nihilistic, vicious, permanently inebriated Sean Rand and lastly Charlie Elliot with whom she finds eventual happiness.

'Eleanor Berry's volatile pen is at it again. This time, she introduces Romany gypsies and travelling circuses, a trait she has inherited from her self-confessed gypsy aunt, Eleanor Smith,'


- Henry, BCB Media

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