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Help Me, Help Me, it's Red!
Take it Away, It's Red

Take it Away, It's Red



Help Me, Help Me, it's Red!

This novel examines the curious relationship between Rowland and William Rendon. The father and son duo are not only connected by blood but by a sinister ball of bright red wool –reminiscent of the wool William"s nanny used to use to knit. William"s childhood is a turbulent one, of physical and sexual abuse. Rowland, a Harley Street psychiatrist, tries to redeem his relationship with his son, but is he too late? When he is not taking drugs or driving through the streets at dangerous speeds, William is constantly searching for his next sexual fix. His need for sex leads him to prostitutes and peculiarly paying them to sing God Save the Queen for him – and his obsession with red wool continues to make an appearance…

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