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My Father Was a Newspaper Man



My Father Was a Newspaper Man

Daughter of newspaper baron Michael Berry, later Lord Hartwell, Eleanor was born into a life of privilege, but joined the Communist Party, going to Moscow alone at the age of 17, against her parents’ wishes. She taught herself fluent Russian, and later befriended rival newspaper proprietor, Robert Maxwell, and became privy to his household causing problems at home.
Anecdote after anecdote comes from her pen, transporting us to her surreal and often absurd world. There are many ‘laugh out loud’ moments in this book, but it also has a serious side. You could not make this book up, and neither has Eleanor Berry, which makes it all the better for reading.
Larger than life writer, Eleanor Agnes Berry, specialises in black humour. She has authored many published books, predominantly macabre, black humoured in tone.
Born and bred in London, Eleanor has led a colourful life. She holds a degree in English and has studied philosophy, Russian language and literature, and compiled an unpublished contextual thesis on the Marquis de Sade.

"You could not make this book up"

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