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Nikolai Gogol - An Inspirational Writer

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

Considered by his contemporaries to be one of the preeminent figures of the natural school of #Russian literary realism a fundamentally romantic sensibility, with strains of surrealism and the grotesque.

Famous Author Nikolai Gogol
Nikolai Gogol by F.Moller (early 1840s, Ivanovo) PD-US

Author of Taras Bulba, as well as other works. Taras Bulba was made into a brilliant film in 1963. Everyone speaks with American accents though. The novel is set in the 17th century in war-torn Ukraine. Taras shoots his son who defected to the Polish side, due to his love for a Polish woman.

At a different part of the book, Andrei Bulba, the son of Taras Bulba, shouts the words,

Papa, I’m a good Cossack and I love the Steppes!

Taras Bulba is not the only book by Gogol. He is the author of Dead Souls, The Government Inspector and The Nose which is, in my opinion, extremely vulgar. He is also the author of a tragic work, The Overcoat

The Overcoat is about an impoverished office clerk who lives in St Petersburg and who saves up to buy an overcoat, which is stolen from him. Not only that, he has to face an arrogant, uncooperative Government official who refuses to help him to find the overcoat. Eventually, the wretched man freezes to death. Some experts on Russian Literature state that:

“Many Russian writers have crawled out from under Gogol’s Overcoat.”

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