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Harley St Murder Mystery - Read by Eleanor

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

A series of excerpts from the 1996 fictional book: Someone's-Been-Done-Up-Harley - read by the writer Eleanor Berry. The premise: a receptionist to a Harley Street practice, is found dead on the steps of the building one July morning. There are no shortage of suspects, but can you work out whodunnit? BBFC equivalent age-rating: 18+.

Part 1

An overview of the suspects and details of the publisher (audio only).

Part 2

Audio only

Part 3

Audio only

Part 4

Court proceedings and sentencing. Audio only.


book cover

Someone's Been Done Up Harley is a highly individual whodunnit, its multitude of characters worthy of Under Milk Wood (the 1954 radio drama by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas).

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