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Dr Curruthers Disappearance - Read by Eleanor

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

The latest episode in the extraordinary life of Natalie Klein - about whom Eleanor Berry has frequently written – this time her lust for one of her many psychiatrists. This tale takes us through the doors of Harley Street and beyond.

We follow the life of a fearless predator in the name of lust, as she attempts to entrap her prey in her tangled web, causing scandal from the hairdressers of Mayfair to the consulting rooms of Harley Street, London.

"if you don't cooperate with me, I will go to your house and seduce your husband"

A woman who likes to have a stalwart stock of doctors, Natalie sets her sights at Ted Curruthers, with black humour. But does she succeed...? BBFC equivalent age-rating: 18+.

An excerpt from the fictional book: Dr Ted Curruthers and Dr Isaac Stone (2022) - read by the writer Eleanor Berry.

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