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Maxwell - The Truth - Read by Eleanor

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

A series of excerpts from the 2019 book about Eleanor Berry's Unique Relationship with Robert Maxwell: The Truth at Last. The author shares her own personal experiences of the controversial figure Robert Maxwell - accompanied by photos. It is a darkly humorous account of their unique relationship, and her response to his death.

Part 1

"The only book about Robert Maxwell that is actually well written" - Eleanor Berry

This video includes an introductory explanation and apology to the Maxwell family. Unlike Eleanor's previous books about Mr Maxwell - Never Alone with Rex Malone (1987), Robert Maxwell As I Knew Him (1993), and Cap'n Bob & Me (2011) - this is a more respectful account of their platonic relationship and is devoid of any sexual innuendo or necrophile fantasies. It does however, contain some darkly humorous insight into their relationship and Eleanor's Jekyll & Hyde personality, for instance: Eleanor worked in Maxwell's Labour constituency... but voted Tory!

Part 2

Eleanor recalls how she met Maxwell in 1968, and her fondness for Russian authors and the socialist rag: The Daily Worker.

Part 3

Incarceration, electric shock therapy, rescue, and… revenge!


Audio-only anecdotes about a helicopter and an encounter with a strange frenchman.

Driving Labour supporters in a hearse.


This book is an intriguing viewpoint into the private life of Robert Maxwell and his relationship with the daughter of Lord Hartwell, Eleanor Berry up until the time of his death in 1991. The cover features a photo of Eleanor paying her respects at his grave in Jerusalem.

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