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Mcarandy Brothers - Read by Eleanor

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

A series of excerpts from the fictional book: McArandy Was Hanged on the Gibbet High (2015) - adapted from Eleanor's earlier work: McArandy Was Hanged Under Tyburn Tree (1997) - read by the writer Eleanor Berry.

Set in eighteenth century London, the books describe the extraordinary adventures of two handsome, professional buskers. Jack and Ethelred McArandy are also ruthless and remorseless criminals, although there lies a moral code behind each heinous act they commit. They rob a jeweller and steal a ruby ring, to present to their mother on her birthday. They try their hands at highway robbery to pay for a doctor when their mother is ill. They kill their father who brutalizes their beloved mother.

The lives of these two anti-heroes, are complicated by their doomed choice of women. The prose alternates between the poetic, the movingly tragic, and the comic.

Part 1

BBFC equivalent age-rating: 18+.

Part 2

Part 3

The macabre hanging scene.


Fictional stories about the Mcarandy brothers: McArandy Was Hanged on the Gibbet High (2015) McArandy Was Hanged Under Tyburn Tree (1997)


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